Hoax CPanel email

20th april 2013

I’ve just received a hoax email – from none of our hosting providers – with the subject line “Problem with setup on host-domain name”.

The email is sent from panel@panel.com with a reply address of cpanelweb00@tech-center.com. The email itself is signed as being from “Cpanel Management”.

The text of the email is:


Dear Customer
Due to our Security upgrate to avoid multiple sign in and an unauthorized access to your online Cpanel and FTP account we require you to sign in your domian name, username and password for security check on your account and afterward we shall send a security code to your email as part of confirmation that your domain has been properly verified and secured.
To process and verify your domain for this security check, please reply to this email with the below following details,
1. Your Domain Name :
2. Username :
3. Password :
4. Domain Email :
Failure to confirm your domain within 2 business days may lead to suspension of your domain if we observe any unauthorized sign in and may lead to total remove of the domain name from our system.
Cpanel Management


I’m pretty sure this is a hoax! If you were to reply with your domain name, username, password and domain email you’d be giving the sender the ability to do what they liked on your hosting. So don’t!

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