About The Web Guild

The Web Guild was set up for one reason; we believe in a better code of conduct for the digital industry.

A big statement we know. But one that we absolutely stand by. As developers ourselves we want to shine a light on all the good lines of code, the amazing designs and the great customer service out there - and the people responsible for that. We want to share ideas and learn from like-minded individuals. We want to create an online resource where companies can find invaluable information and hire talented developers they can trust.

Read a note from our founder here.

For digital professionals

For too long the Code Cowboys have gotten away with botched back and front ends. We plan to help you create some distance from them, so that your skill is recognised, respected and rewarded.

So how do you become a Web Guild Member?

To receive the seal of approval you must first prove that you believe in a better code of conduct.

To do this, simply apply to become a member - we recommend you read the how it works page here. When you apply for a Company Membership for your agency you will be vetted by one of our team to check you meet the criteria.

Apply for the Seal

For marketers, businesses and website owners

Whether you don't know where to start with your project, or if you've got a website or app which needs some TLC, The Web Guild is here to help you find the information or personnel to get you back on track.

The web is a greatly misunderstood minefield and there is legally very little support for B2B business relationships. If you want a plumber, electrician or even a removal company for your house there are organisations you can turn to for accredited members. When it comes to code and understanding all the potential pitfalls of the online world, you've been on your own up until now. 

Get the most from The Web Guild:

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  • Browse our database of web companies to find the right one for your project.

  • Search our knowledge base when you have a question about your site.

  • Contact us about our brief writing or workshopping services before you start your project.


The not so small print:

At The Web Guild we take the craft of design and code seriously - as well as customer service. So becoming a member doesn't mean you can suddenly treat companies poorly. Breaking of the code of conduct will mean your membership is stopped.