How it works

We've been web developers for a long time and we know the questions business owners and marketers have most often.

We also know how hard it can be to read through the jargon and proposals to find a developer who can actually do what you need. And do it well.

So for over 5 years we've been wanting to put together an organisation to help with this - and finally we've bitten the bullet!

The Web Guild is packed full of information about setting up and running an online project - we hope you find it useful but please do give us any feedback you've got.

Meanwhile, we want to nurture young talent and encourage continued professional development amongst experienced web developers. And we want to help you find great companies to work for.

That's why web professionals can join The Web Guild in order to stay up to date with the latest on the web and maintain a CPD log. Meanwhile Companies (inc. Freelancers) can apply for a Corporate Membership.

Companies who apply:

  • Need to have at least 1 person within their organisation with 2 years experience
  • Supply various references which we then check
  • Provide code (where applicable) which we check validates to web standards
  • Provide a current certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance (and they need a valid policy for the duration of their membership)
  • Are asked to be honest and transparent about who does what within their organisation, and what is done by collaborators / 3rd parties


They also agree to a code of conduct which you can read in full here, but which says things like they'll be clear and upfront with quotes and costings and respect timescales.