Capital letters in URLs

There are exceptions to every rule, and you could get your developer to work around this, but on the whole, URLs are case sensitive after your main domain.

So, in our case, you could type or WWW.TALKINGWEB.CO.UK – both would work fine.

However, anything after our is case sensitive.

So – you could have or http://WWW.TALKINGWEB.CO.UK/starting-a-website.

But if you wrote /STARTING-A-WEBSITE in capital letters, then it wouldn't work because when I created that page, I made the URL lower case.

I could have created the page as being /STARTING-A-WEBSITE but then /starting-a-website wouldn't work.

I saw an advert on TV a year or so ago (maybe more now) for BBC 3 – it was a great looking little animation advertising the channel and lots of the graphics were in captials. Including the URL. So just out of interest I checked, and the URL they had shown in the animation – BBC.CO.UK/BBCTHREE didn't work. If they'd used BBC.CO.UK/bbcthree they would have been fine – they can capitalise with no ill effects. But as their BBC 3 page is written in lower case, they can't capitalise /bbcthree without their web guys working some extra magic. I've just checked and /BBCTHREE is still a 404.

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