Ross Wintle

Ross Wintle
7 years
Software Developer, Technology Consultant, Director
About Me:


Ross's background includes a computer science degree, 4 years experience of developing safety critical software, and 8 years working in a large corporate telecomms IT and hosting department.

This means he has a deep understanding of computing technology, high coding standards and experience of the server side of the web, as well as the browser side.

But don't let his high-tech background scare you off. He loves working with people, and is highly focussed on the needs of his clients and end users.

Going Freelance

The web and its potential had always been an interest to Ross and a small part of his work. Inspired by the collaboration he saw happening in the charity sector and open-source software worlds, he left his corporate IT job in 2011 to work freelance doing website development.

He's now a busy, full-time software developer and consultant, specialising in PHP development and bespoke WordPress builds, which he has pushed to its limits on large projects.

Current Work

Ross works at all levels. On the one hand doing small, simple builds using purely off-the-shelf software on a budget. And on the other hand writing custom web applications in PHP with multiple API integrations. But always solving problems and trying to use technology to do good in the world.


Ross is highly competent with HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, jQuery, WordPress, Git, Linux server admin, MySQL and a host of other things. He's competent with vanilla JavaScript, has dabbled in Ruby on Rails, and is currently getting to grips with Laravel.

He's really interested in the field of usability and user experience and is growing in his knowledge and skills.

He has run technical training, workshops, spoken at events and worked in team leadership roles of various sorts.

Bragging rights

Ross has contributed a few lines of code to WordPress core, and has a few simple plugins in the WordPress repository.

He (sometimes) runs a simple WordPress video training project called "Press Ups".

He has spoken at the Bristol WordPress people meeting and is booked to speak at WordCamp London 2016 on the topic of "User Experience for Everyone".


Ross works solo under the banner of Oikos Digital Ltd - the business he has built and run himself. He works as part of a larger virtual agency called Hands Up where he was the original web developer and now part of a team of 4.

Ross's Portfolio

  • Swindon200


    Ross met with and advised the client, and he built and launched the site.

  • Building with Bamboo

    Building with Bamboo[visit]

    Ross was technical consultant, lead developer, and systems administrator on this project.

  • Tearfund Lifestyle

    Tearfund Lifestyle[visit]

    Ross was technical consultant and developer on this project. He also provides ongoing support and hosting management.

  • We Are Tearfund

    We Are Tearfund[visit]

    Ross was lead developer, but also contributed to the design direction, and advised on performance, functionality, and user experience.

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