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Oikos Digital Ltd

Swindon - 07736 312392

Oikos provides software development, website development, and technology and communications consultancy, primarily to charities and non-profits. We specialise in WordPress website development but have broader technology skills that we use to help our clients meet their goals.


56 Hughes Street, Swindon, SN2 2HG, GB

Contact Name: Ross Wintle

Telephone: 07736 312392


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  • Building with Bamboo

    Building with Bamboo [visit]

    17th Jul 2017

    I worked with Hands Up on the implementation of this website and online forums. This is a responsive site using WordPress, modern CSS and development methods. The forums run on the self-hosted Discourse platform which we maintain as well. There is even some integration between WordPress and Discourse to make the two sites work seamlessly together.

    Worked on by:

    • Ross Wintle
  • We Are Tearfund

    We Are Tearfund [visit]

    15th Feb 2018

    I worked with this large, international NGO on this new design for their youth and emerging generation magazine site. It's a heavily customised WordPress build with lots of complicated CSS and a bunch of customised back-end functionality.

    Worked on by:

    • Ross Wintle
  • Leonard Cheshire Disability 100 Stories Microsite

    Leonard Cheshire Disability 100 Stories Microsite [visit]

    18th Nov 2018

    Leonard Cheshire Disability is a large UK charity that supports individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. I was approached my Leonard Cheshire Disability to help them build a micro-site (a separate site to the main website) for their centenary celebrations. This website would showcase 100 stories of the impact made by the charity, and would also fit in with a re-branding project that was being done at the same time. I built an interactive, mobile-friendly site from a provided design using WordPress as a content management system. I used the Isotope masonry library for a dynamic block layout and Turbolinks to make the site behave more like a single-page application without full page reloads when moving around. I also advised on how the design could be tweaked for better website performance, and we used some modern web development techniques to get the design to work whilst maintaining performance. The client particularly liked the video training material that I put together for them to help work with the site, saying that these videos were: “…really clear and very useful. I’ve not worked with a developer who produces things like this before!”
  • Cocktails in Care Homes

    Cocktails in Care Homes [visit]

    23rd Oct 2016

    I worked with Hands Up on the production of a new website and volunteer management system for intergenerational arts charity Magic Me. More details at:
  • Magic Me

    Magic Me [visit]

    17th Nov 2018

    Working with my friends at Hands Up, I did the technical build of this bold, modern, fun website for intergeneration arts charity Magic Me. It's built on Sage version 8.5 from the Roots project, with Advanced Custom Fields and lots of custom WordPress customizer options. Hands Up had previously worked with intergenerational arts charity Magic Me on a website for their Cocktails in Care Homes project, and I and the Hands Up team were delighted that they then asked us to help them re-build their main website too. The result is a simple, easy-to-manage and visually-striking website that works well on mobile devices and has simple user journeys and clear actions.
  • Today I...

    Today I... [visit]

    18th Nov 2018

    I’ve had a bit of a soapbox about creativity for a while, and I’ve always wanted a tool that would inspire and encourage both my own creativity and the creativity of others. So I built "Today I..." as a small Laravel side project. Today I sends you a daily email reminder to prompt creativity, or to help you think about how you have been creative during the day. It lets you record your creative actions and the eventual aim is to have a community of people all striving to take daily creative actions and encourage each other. The design is, as always, very simple (I’m not a designer) but hopefully effective. Technology wise this was a chance to practice my Laravel coding, work with Laravel email and scheduled tasks, and on the front end, to play with the Bulma CSS framework. I’m really pleased with the result. It’s fast, clean and simple. And there’s some nice little touches like bits of personalisation and randomised content - and lots of scope for more of this as the tool develops in the future.
  • Tearfund Lifestyle

    Tearfund Lifestyle [visit]

    17th Jul 2017

    I've been working with large, international NGO Tearfund on the highly-customised WordPress-based Rhythms site for a while. This project, which finished in July 2016, helped Tearfund re-brand it and update the functionality. There's loads going on behind the scenes here: custom page tracking, custom content algorithms, related articles, in-depth Facebook integration and social feed, and a load more. All in a newly-redesigned, mobile-friendly website package running on a cloud VPS.

    Worked on by:

    • Ross Wintle
  • St Johns Hoxton

    St Johns Hoxton [visit]

    23rd Oct 2016

    Development of a beautiful, responsive, WordPress website for a forward-thinking and outward-looking church in London. More details at
  • Swindon200

    Swindon200 [visit]

    17th Jul 2017

    A very simple website made and hosted super-quickly for a small local equality campaign. The real value here came in advising the organisation on data protection, creating forms, and promoting the campaign.

    Worked on by:

    • Ross Wintle

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