Nick Wilmot

Nick Wilmot
15 years
Studio Director
About Me:

Having spent over fifteen years working in various aspects of communications for both businesses and charities, I've been on both sides of the fence; as both an external consultant as well as leading a team of in-house professionals.  From working within a business taking it's fledgling steps into the world of e-commerce in the early 2000's, I've also consulted for a leading national childcare charity and overseen external communications for an international peacebuilding charity.

I now spend my time helping businesses and charities like yours use the right mix of print and digital media to get their message across. I love working with clients who have a passion and zeal for what they do - we like to think that we help world-changers to change the world.

Nick's Portfolio

  • Terry Virgo

    Terry Virgo[visit]


  • The British Journal of Primary Care Nursing

    The British Journal of Primary Care Nursing[visit]

    Designer and Developer

  • Caraires Recruitment

    Caraires Recruitment[visit]

    Designer and Developer

  • The King's Arms Project

    The King's Arms Project[visit]

    Designer and Developer