Dean Woodyatt

Dean Woodyatt
5 years
Web Developer
About Me:

Over the last few years, I have been working on the backend of several websites including OilPrice and CSSC. I have integrated multiple APIs into the websites adding extra functionality that could otherwise not be implemented. 

I have also created a mobile application for one of our clients using Cordova to build a hybrid application that offers functionality across Android and iOS with one codebase allowing build and changes to be implemented faster and easier.

During my time working on these websites I have had experience working with several AWS tools to improve the deployment process of the websites and ensuring that the websites can handle large spikes in traffic with no performance issues.

Dean's Portfolio


    Dean is a backend developer on OilPrice and despite only working on the site for the past few months, has quickly come up to speed with the site, adding new features and making improvements to the site functionality and user experience.

  • Woodcarving Workshops

    Woodcarving Workshops[visit]

    Dean did much of the backend development on the new site and managed the migration of user data from the old system to the new, including spidering the user comments on the old site so as to populate the new site.

  • Farming Hub

    Farming Hub[visit]

    Dean coded a lot of the backend of Farming Hub, creating a custom blog and trade directory for subscribed users.

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