Tom Freeman

Tom Freeman
12 years
North Somerset
Web Developer
About Me:

Tom has a degree in computing and over 12 years of commercial coding experience building websites and web based applications for government departments and businesses all over the world. As well as having a keen eye for design and being a master all things HTML and CSS, he is also extremely experienced with LAMP technologies (inc. PHP and MySQL) and all the tools required to make cutting edge websites. When he's not building websites, you can find Tom building things in his garden - whether it's a tomato planter or a garden shed!

Tom's Portfolio

  • City Insights

    City Insights[visit]

    Tom did the majority of the backend development on this project, as well as the systems architecture to allow the system to be loosely coupled, yet tightly cohesive. Like much of the work at 18a, the CI platform was built on the CodeIgniter framework.


    Tom was the original coder on the site and built from the ground up, all based around the CodeIgniter framework. Over the years the site has changed radically with shifting requirements and the code has needed to adapt accordingly, whilst at the same time being able to handle an ever increasing number of visitors to this hugely popular energy website.

  • Hotrod


    Tom developed the bespoke backend of the site, built on the CodeIgniter framework to ensure longevity and code maintainability of the site.

  • Woodcarving Workshops

    Woodcarving Workshops[visit]

    Tom worked on the backend coding of the system, and wrote a spider which could grab all of the videos and data from the old site, and import it into the new site.

  • Farming Hub

    Farming Hub[visit]

    Tom worked on the back end of the website, creating smooth interfaces for adding ads with lots of requirements and uploading multiple images.

My CPD Journal

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