Matthew Bee

Matthew Bee
  • 1st Aug 2017

    My thoughts on my talks about speaking on self taught development today.

  • 4th Apr 2017

    These are great tips and things that I have inherently been doing all my freelance life - but I could do them all better!

  • 20th Dec 2016

    A great article on the value and process in testing just 5 lines of javascript.

  • 6th Jul 2016

    Nice weather widget free to use.

  • 6th Jul 2016

    I recently did a talk for an agency in Manchester on Style Guides. I promote Style Guides in a lot of my work and the slides from the talk are here:

  • 21st Mar 2016

    I love this card form enhancement from Jesse Pollak - a great and easy way to improve checkout forms.