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OpenGlobal E-commerce

Gloucester Office - 0845 269 9624

OpenGlobal is driven from a passion for using technology, not for its own sake, or because its cool, but to make things better.

In an industry where most websites just sit there, looking pretty, but doing very little to bring in new leads and new customers, we believe that the web should be a cost effective sales and marketing tool.

We believe the web should be an integral part of your company's marketing plan, and it should be effective!

We believe your website should be a dynamic and evolving reflection of your company, not a stagnating brochure waiting for inspiration.

We believe your website should serve your goals, not our portfolio.

We believe using the web should make you successful.

If you believe this too, join us.

OpenGlobal have experience with a wide range of website platforms, which means that we can choose the right tool for your specific requirements. We don't just try to shoehorn your requirements into our favourite system.

OpenGlobal realise that not all marketing strategies work the same for every company. So our wide ranging experience of different marketing methods means that we can select the right strategy for your company to bring the best results.

Gloucester Office

Pure Offices, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 2AT, GB

Contact Name: Matt Lewis-Garner

Telephone: 0845 269 9624


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Matt Lewis-Garner

Matt Lewis-Garner

Member since 7th Mar 2016