Senior Technical SEO Executive

Brighton, London

£25000 - £35000 per annum.

negotiable depending on experience

Type: Permanent

Date added: 11/04/17

Closing date: 19/01/38

<p><p>RocketMill has an opening for a Senior Technical SEO Executive in our Brighton office. It’s the perfect role if you have a couple of years’ experience in the industry and want to take the next step. We offer a collaborative and supportive environment, excellent career prospects, and our perks include flexible working and 90-minute lunch breaks. Read on to learn more about the role!</p> <p> </p> <h2>Skills & profile</h2> <p>The successful candidate will have considerable experience working in technical SEO, in an agency or client-side role. You will demonstrate a good knowledge of organic search optimisation, with a track record of successfully consulting on technical SEO projects.</p> <p>The successful candidate will undertake website audits, keyword research and backlink analyses as a core part of their role, and must be comfortable delivering exemplary documentation to deadlines using a suite of industry-leading software.</p> <p>The digital landscape is always evolving, so it is imperative you keep your SEO knowledge up-to-date. You will, for example, demonstrate knowledge of international SEO, mobile optimisation, and conversational search. Moreover, RocketMill places data at the heart of our decisions, so holding up-to-date Google Analytics IQ certification is essential.</p> <p>The ideal candidate will recognise the pivotal role user experience plays in modern organic visibility. Experience developing large-scale information architecture and supporting migrations is highly desirable.</p> <p>We are a small team, so the most important requirement of all is to get stuck in and make your mark – to benefit your clients, agency, and career.</p> <h2>Essential</h2> <ul> <li>Comprehensive SEO knowledge, and commitment to keep<br />this up-to-date</li> <li>Experience performing website audits and backlink analyses</li> <li>Proficiency with industry-standard SEO tools –<br />crawlers, link checkers, etc.</li> <li>Google Analytics IQ certification</li> <li>Reporting experience – updating clients on performance against KPIs</li> <li>Advanced Microsoft Excel<br />(e.g., VLOOKUPs, PivotTables, advanced formulae)</li> <li>Excellent skills in Microsoft Office and everyday IT</li> <li>Excellent written and spoken English</li> <li>Excellent communication with technical and non-technical stakeholders</li> <li>Accountable for the performance and technical integrity of your clients</li> <li>Able to balance your workload and deliver on time</li> <li>Be a positive person that adds energy to our team</li> </ul> <h2>Desirable</h2> <ul> <li>2+ years’ experience in technical SEO</li> <li>Strategic experience – consulting on how organic search can have a measurable impact within cross-channel digital marketing campaigns</li> <li>Experience designing large-scale SEO-friendly information architecture</li> <li>Experience supporting migrations – change of domain, CMS, protocol, etc.</li> <li>Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript</li> <li>Working knowledge (or better) of PHP, SQL or other relevant web technologies</li> <li>Working knowledge (or better) of WordPress, Magento, other CMS platforms</li> <li>Experience with other analytics platforms – e.g. Adobe Analytics, Omniture</li> </ul> <h2>Reporting to:</h2> <p>You’ll report to one of our Senior Technical SEO Consultants.</p> <h2>Key responsibilities:</h2> <ul> <li>Auditing websites on all aspects of technical SEO</li> <li>Helping our clients grow through sustainable organic search visibility</li> <li>Taking ownership of client’s organic performance and technical integrity</li> <li>Playing a leading role in strategic discussions about how SEO can solve business challenges and drive marketing performance</li> <li>Carrying out competitor analyses, backlink audits, keyword research, and other research projects as required</li> <li>Preparing qualitative and quantitative reports on SEO campaign performance</li> <li>Meeting dynamic KPIs set out specifically for you and your role</li> <li>Staying abreast of developments in technical SEO best practice, and sharing knowledge across the team where applicable</li> <li>Being Google Analytics certified and keeping this up-to-date</li> </ul> <h2>Other responsibilities</h2> <ul> <li>Aiding team learning through transparency, sharing both successes and failures</li> <li>Documenting case studies on successful campaigns, ready for publication on our website and entries in industry awards</li> <li>Contributing to the RocketMill website through blog posts and presentations</li> <li>Managing your briefs and deliverables, and keeping our client-facing project management systems 100% up-to-date</li> <li>Planning your time to balance briefed work and ongoing optimisation, and accurately tracking your time spent on each activity</li> </ul> <h2>The successful candidate will:</h2> <p>You will share our passions for organic search optimisation, brilliant digital experiences, and the pursuit of technical excellence. The ideal candidate will have demonstrable results of using SEO to achieve sustainable visibility on search engines. You will be accountable for the technical integrity of our clients’ websites and digital properties.</p> <p>To achieve this, you will have an excellent understanding of how websites are built – not just on a technical level, but also their stakeholders and workflows. You will be comfortable working alongside developers, ideally within agile workflows. You will also be proficient in providing non-technical stakeholders with clear, concise and jargon-free technical SEO recommendations.</p> <h2>Superstars:</h2> <p>RocketMill aspires to be valued for the quality of its thinking as well as its doing. Therefore, you will take ownership of SEO performance for your clients, developing strategies for your channel and delivering against the KPIs of our campaigns.</p> <p>Finally, you will bring an open mind and a forward-thinking approach, to help us succeed in a world where organic search is evolving faster than ever before.</p> <h2>The interview process:</h2> <p>We’ll kick off with a 15-minute phone interview to assess your suitability for the role. If you’re successful, we’ll invite you for a short interview at our office. The final step is a competency test and group interview.</p> <p>If you pass, the job is yours!</p></p>

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