WhatsApp's newest update

17th Jul 2017
WhatsApp's newest update

WhatsApp have released a new update to their messaging service which allows you to send any kind of file to your contacts.

This means that you can now send MP3's, contacts, videos, photos in your gallery and your location to anyone you desire. You can also now select photos and videos from the camera screen, as they have added a new carousel of images from your gallery in that interface.

And to be honest it's about time that WhatsApp caught up with other messaging services by adding more features to their platform. Another great addition to the app is that they have enabled users in India to make peer-to-peer payments. A handy tool if you don't have PayPal, and if you do it then stops having to jump between apps. Fingers crossed that the rest of the world won't have to wait too long before we can test these new features.

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