Twitter's new video streaming feature

3rd May 2017
Twitter's new video streaming feature

Twitter has added another new update to its ever-growing platform.

This week's new update is that they will now be streaming news, sports, concerts and even fashion shows on its platform 24/7. They have also announced that they've teamed up with Bloomberg to deliver around the clock news globally and have also stated that they will be working with the likes of BuzzFeed News, The Verge and even MTV so that its users can be up to date with the latest fashion, financial news, and even concerts.

With that, Twitter hopes to benefit majorly by advertising in a way that it hasn’t really managed with its other promotional campaign offerings for businesses.

We are interested to see if Twitter's 'TV' gamble will pay off in the coming months or if it's just another phase that Twitter wanted to jump on the bandwagon with.


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