The Web Guild: proud sponsors of WordCamp London

16th Mar 2016
The Web Guild: proud sponsors of WordCamp London

The Web Guild is delighted to be able to support WordCamp London 2016.

We might only be a little Whitechapel Road sponsor, but we're new and we're a not-for-profit organisation so pennies are tight!

One of the great things about WordCamps is the ticket price - £30 for a 2 day event is amazing value for the breadth of talks that are happening over the weekend. It's the sponsors that allow this to be the case (along, of course, with the amount of work put in by the organisers) so we're really happy to be able to help, albeit in a very small way.

I've personally been working with WordPress since around 2004/2005 so have seen the community blossom over the last decade. WordPress is now thought to power around 25% of the web, which is insane! And really highlights how this little blog has taken the world by storm, thanks to it's flexibility and ease of use - but also thanks to the fact that it's free and accessible to all.

WordCamp London is being held on the 9th and 10th April 2016, with a Contributor Day beforehand on the 8th, at the London Metropolitan University. We'll be there on the Saturday and Sunday so do give us a Tweet (@webguildseal) if you want to say hi!



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