Skype now lets you send money via PayPal

3rd Aug 2017
Skype now lets you send money via PayPal

Skype is an ever changing messaging platform that tries to keep up to date with what they feel that their users would find useful and handy to have. And much like Facebook's Messenger and Apple's new iOS 11 update, they will be adding the new feature of being able to send money right from your conversations.

Their decision to partner with PayPal was a great one as a lot of business meetings take place over skype so, this then simplifies the process so that people then don't have to flick between apps. And they can then do it then and there and the recipient will then be notified on Skype of the transaction.

The feature is only currently available on mobile and currently only in 22 countries. You can access it or see if you have the option of using it by swiping right on your chat window and tapping the 'Send Money' button. To be able to use the 'Send Money' feature you need to have a Microsoft account and a PayPal one in order to send or receive money. You can then receive money from any Skype client.

More information regarding the new Send Money feature is available here.

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