PayPal says goodbye to the old £5 note with selfie competition

19th May 2017
PayPal says goodbye to the old £5 note with selfie competition

Multi-million-pound payment company, PayPal continue their 'New Money' campaign by enticing entrants with an interactive selfie competition (until 12th May) which they have to take with their old £5 notes and if they win they will get £10 in a digital wallet in their name.

Alison Sagar, Chief Marketing Officer at PayPal UK, said: “Instead, we thought we’d offer our customers the chance to exchange a selfie with their old £5 note for £10 credit in their PayPal account. It’s all part of our New Money campaign that launched last year, and celebrates the ways technology is transforming financial services.”

The competition and new money scheme come after 150 million notes lost legal tender status earlier this month as the bank of England looked to replace and modernise the money that was in circulation. This update to the new £5 notes has left many people with £5 notes that arent worth anything anymore as shops can legally refuse to accept the old notes although many may still accept them with discretion.


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