Changes to the Code of Conduct

8th Apr 2016
Changes to the Code of Conduct

We've recently made some changes to our Code of Conduct based on feedback from our members. They're detailed below - and they're just about making life easier or clarifying any points that were causing concern.

Clause 2. Standards with which members must comply

The trickiest change first - whilst we are super keen on transparency, we have heard cases of where things can't always be for the best of reasons. So we've added the magical word "endeavour", asking that all members of the Guild "endeavour to be transparent with their clients as to who is carrying out the work". We're working on the functionality to highlight other companies Members work with regularly and will update you when that's in place.

Clause 5. Use of the Seal

Whilst we want the Seal (we call him Henry) to be recognised the world over, we also need to protect how precious he is! So we've updated this section to clarify it's Corporate and Freelancer Members who may display the Seal, meaning not Individual Members (who aren't vetted). In the future, if we have other versions of the Seal which individuals could show, on their CV for example, we'll word this very carefully.

Clause 6. Audit

Some peeps were concerned that we could take up far too much valuable company time carrying out an indepth mystery shopper activity. That has never been our intention and therefore after "posing as a mystery shopper" we have now added "to perform an initial inquiry call or email, expected to take no more than 15 minutes of the Member's time."

We've also got no interest in sensitive information about your clients and the price of their project, we just might ask to see an example proposal if ever we get multiple reports that a Member's quotes are misleading. So where we say an audit may include "requesting example quotes, proposals or other documentation to ensure they comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct", we've simply added "(client names and prices may be removed)".

 If you've been considering applying for membership and any ambiguity around these areas was holding you back we hope you'll now feel more comfortable with the Code!

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